Master the Healing Arts and Unlock Your Healing Skills: Join Our Workshops!

Welcome to our transformative training workshops, where knowledge meets practice, and where the ancient art of healing is conveyed with passion and precision. Whether you’re a beginner looking to explore the basics of Reiki, or a seasoned practitioner aiming to elevate your skills, we offer a variety of training programs to suit your needs.


Reiki Training

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Duration: 2 days

Cost: €400

Training Covers:

  • Fundamental principles of Reiki
  • Hands-on healing techniques
  • Energy attunement processes
  • Practical applications

Upcoming Dates:

To be announced soon.

Includes: Refresher of Level 1 & 2


Cost: €350

Training Covers:

  • Advanced healing techniques
  • Mastering energy attunement
  • Animal healing specialisation
  • Practical mastery applications

Upcoming Dates:

To be announced soon.

€80 to do a Zoom attunement with manual  certification emailed following the attunement.

The in person workshop is €200 

Upcoming Dates:

To be announced soon.

Benefits of Reiki Training

Comprehensive understanding of energy healing principles

Mastery of hands-on healing techniques

Deepened connection to universal life force energy

Vibralite Healing Training

Duration: TBA

Cost: €300(Online Training: €288)

Integration Period: 8 weeks until one can proceed to the next level

Training Covers:

  • Fundamental and advanced Vibralite healing techniques
  • Online course modules covering diverse aspects of Vibralite healing
  • Practical applications and hands-on healing practices

*Includes: Certification, Manual, Attunement, Access to the online course for 10 weeks

Upcoming Dates:

To be announced soon.

Benefits of Vibralite Healing Training

  • Comprehensive understanding of Vibralite healing principles and techniques
  • Proficiency in advanced Vibralite applications
  • Mastery of online and practical healing modules
  • Enhanced holistic healing capability with Vibralite modalities
Reiki Kerry

Crystalline Violet Flame Reiki Training

Prerequisite: For Reiki Masters Only (due to high energy frequency)

Duration: Half-day workshop

Cost: €200

Training Covers:

  • Advanced energy cleansing techniques
  • Infusing crystalline energy and consciousness
  • Mastering aura protection
  • Application of Crystalline Violet Flame Reiki in diverse contexts

*Includes: Manual, Certificate, Hands-on healing session & attunement.

Upcoming Dates:

To be announced soon.

Benefits of Crystalline Violet Flame Reiki Training

  • Enhanced energy cleansing and aura protection
  • Mastery of advanced crystalline energy techniques
  • Profound connection to crystalline kingdom consciousness
  • Clarity in spiritual mission and life purpose realisation
  • Supports manifestation work, healing the earth, humanity, and more

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