About Niamh

A Journey of Healing and Empowerment

Welcome to a sacred space where passion meets purpose, a place where I endeavour to provide a sanctuary for healing and transformation. I’m Niamh, and I am here to be your guide and your ally in your journey of healing, empowerment, and self-discovery. My mission is to gently meet you where you are and to guide you towards a path of holistic healing and self-love, addressing every layer and aspect of your being, to bring about profound and lasting transformation.

Niamh Sheahan

My Journey

My own journey into the world of healing began in 2001, shortly after the birth of my first child when I was introduced to a Reiki workshop. Intrigued and profoundly touched by the experience, I embarked on a deeper exploration, completing level 2 a few months later. My journey expanded, welcoming three more beautiful children into my life and guiding me towards becoming a Reiki Master.


As time flowed, I delved into various healing modalities, each contributing a unique essence to my healing journey. In 2015, fueled by a desire to extend this transformative energy to others, I established my healing practice. I now practise and teach Reiki, Crystalline Violet Flame Reiki,  Vibralite healing and other powerful modalities, impassioned about sharing the knowledge and wisdom I’ve gained over the years.

My Journey

Philosophy and Approach

At the core of my work is a commitment to meet people where they are and gently guide them towards healing in a manner that is nurturing and unhurried, recognizing that healing is a layered process, requiring time, patience, and self-love. I strive to guide individuals back to self-acceptance and love at a soul level, working on all levels—mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual—ensuring holistic healing and addressing the root of any issues rather than providing temporary relief.

Multi-Dimensional Healing

My approach is integrative, addressing all twelve aspects of an individual's being: Emotional, Dimensional realities, Spiritual being, Higher Self, Mental being, Inner Child, Physical body, Parent gene, Subconscious, Ego, Soul, and the God within. My aim is to harmonise these aspects, releasing blockages and facilitating profound transformations.

Consultation and Healing

Each consultation begins with an assessment of present issues, followed by a decision on the modality that best addresses the client’s needs. Whether the issue is mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual, I tailor the healing process to each individual, recognizing that when multiple issues are present, a ‘healing crisis’ may occur, requiring a series of sessions for deeper healing. Ongoing healing balances are recommended to maintain equilibrium and to fortify the immune and nervous systems.

Location and Specialities

I operate from Glenbeigh and Killarney in Co. Kerry, specialising in Remote distance healing, which is particularly beneficial for pets, the elderly, and children. Additionally, I offer land/home & office healing, ideal for those transitioning properties or experiencing discomfort in their living or working environments.

Connect and Transform

I invite you to join me on this transformative journey, to explore, to heal, and to rediscover your true self. My passion is to share, teach, and guide, helping you to unlock your full potential and live a life of balance, joy, and fulfilment.

Note: Please consult your healthcare professional for medical advice and treatment as my services are complementary and are not intended to replace medical treatment.