Access Bars

Your Journey to Mental Clarity and Serenity

At Lámha, you’re invited to a transformative experience with Access Bars, a technique designed to recalibrate the mind and unlock profound potential. Just as we sometimes need to clear the files on our devices or simplify our homes, our minds deserve that same “reset” to function at their optimal best. Many practitioners and recipients often describe the sensation as gaining more ‘room to think’, likening it to a mental decluttering.

What is Access Bars?

Access Bars is a gentle, non-invasive technique where I delicately touch 32 unique points on your head. Think of it as pressing the reset button on stress, anxieties, and those limiting beliefs that can sometimes hold us back.

Working with these 32 points, associated with head meridians, releases the energies that often cage our true potential. Access Bars is more than just a therapeutic practice; it’s a philosophy. It represents the idea of limitless possibilities, opening doors to a universe of more choices, ease, and harmony.

This process clears away mental blockages, leaving individuals feeling energetically revitalised and mentally serene.

History, Origin and Science

Its roots trace back to Gary Douglas, who recognized its power to bring about dynamic shifts in health, finances, relationships, and more. Today, it’s a globally acknowledged practice, with its transformative effects cherished by many.

It’s not just about belief and anecdotal evidence; science stands firmly behind Access Bars. In a notable study published in the Journal of Energy Psychology in 2017 Dr. Terrie Hope documented significant reductions in anxiety and depression post an Access Bars session. The research further showcased an elevated brain coherence among participants.


Why does brainwave coherence matter? It plays a pivotal role in enhancing communication between different regions of the brain. Heightened coherence is often linked to several beneficial traits, such as increased intelligence, sharper learning abilities, heightened alertness, and amplified creativity.

Adding weight to this, neuroscientist Dr. Jeffrey L Fannin’s research shed light on the incredible similarity between the brainwave patterns of Access Bars recipients and those of seasoned meditators. These findings revealed that Access Bars has the power to calm hyperactive brain regions and boost brain and heart coherence. 

The Essence of Soul Realignment

As a Reiki Master and holistic therapy teacher, I offer a harmonious blend of professional expertise and genuine compassion. You’ll experience:

Customised Sessions: Every individual is unique, and so is their journey. My work is grounded in this philosophy, appreciating this uniqueness, and meeting people where they are.

Comprehensive Healing: Apart from Access Bars, you’ll benefit from my Reiki and Vibralite expertise, honed over two decades.

An Oasis of Calm: Lamha’s space is crafted to enhance your healing journey and experience, guaranteeing comfort and deep relaxation.

Become part of a community that cherishes growth, peace, and self-discovery.

Lámha’s Approach

Benefits of Access Bars

Stress Relief

Unplug from the day's stress, experience tranquillity and rejuvenate your mind.

Mental Clarity

Clear out mental congestion, making space for innovative ideas and decisive actions.

Emotional Healing

Release emotional scars and traumatic memories, and create a balanced emotional state.

Improved Sleep & Revitalization

Rest more peacefully with a calm and clear mind. Some practitioners have noted enhancements in physical health, ranging from pain relief to overall vitality.

Book Your Access Bars Session

Each session with Lámha is a step towards a more connected and harmonious you.

€70 Per Session

Please Note:

Access Bars is an alternative health healing modality and is not intended to replace medical advice or treatment. Consult your healthcare professional for medical advice and treatment.