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Corporate On Site Massage

Corporate On Site Massage 

What is COSMIC?

Corporate On Site Massage (In Cork)

Everyone, in every job, experiences pressure. Too much pressure for too long leads to Stress……unless it is managed correctly.

When you’re stressed, your muscles are tensed in readiness for action. Unless released, this tension becomes a source of discomfort. Your head thumps and you can’t think straight. Your eyes are sore and tired. Your body aches. The way to relieve this tension is through relaxation.

At Corporate On Site Massage, we aim to help alleviate these stresses and strains and induce relaxation through massage. Your staff will feel refreshed, energised and focused.

Corporate On Site Massage can arrange monthly visits to your organisation, or whenever you require our services, as part of a company staff incentive and well-being programme.

On-site massage lasts 10-20 minutes and is performed on fully clothed clients who sit in an ergonomic chair specifically created to provide them with complete comfort and support. No oils or creams are used and the massage focuses on the back, shoulders, neck and head.

We would be delighted to talk to you about arranging a visit to your organisation by our qualified practitioners.

Why not consider us when organising your Annual Staff BBQ or Client Golf Days?


There are three options when thinking about payment.

  1. Fully funded by the Company – We would recommend this option as it communicates the highest level of commitment on the part of the employer towards the welfare of their employees.
  2. Subsidised by the Company - The employer covers part of the cost, and the employee pays the balance. Details can be discussed at a later date.
  3. The employee pays for the massage in full. Payment can be made directly to our Practitioners.

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